2016: Obama’s America which aired Sunday night, Sept 23, on FOX News

by citrusdemocrats

This was promoted as a positive movie but it really isn’t. It is being pushed by many of the Tea Party groups.  It is Obama bashing to the hilt. I have personally seen this movie. It is awful! Facts are cherry-picked and then used out of context to make it look like Obama is a communist, socialist, and muslim/african, and anti-colonialist. This is more of the birther movement trying to justify itself.

Unfortunately, people were clapping after this movie in the local theater (which was almost full on a Tuesday).  The county I live in is a red county, and most are red-necked tea party ignorant bigots. The movie was produced by 2 very big hollywood republicans, and distributed by an independent christian film company out of Salt Lake City.

It is absolute crap. Don’t watch it and most of all, don’t give FOX News the opportunity to get high Nielsen Ratings, which they will use to justify that people hate Obama. It will eventually hit YouTube…